If you didn’t have a chance to try out 3D MAXpider floor liners in your own car, truck or SUV, but you consider these floor liners as an option for your vehicle, you might be interested in checking out reviews of those, who already drive with these floor liners. We are collecting and sharing reviews that customers leave online and e-mail to us. You are welcome to browse through 3D Liners website to see reviews and leave your own if you wish to.

Q & A

Answer. You can remove logo from the floor liners if you wish to. But as long as you do that, you will alter the floor liners. This means the mats will not be eligible for warranty. Instead, you can wrap the logo or paint it. See the pictures showing how some people have done this.
If you still wish to remove the factory 3D MAXpider emblem from the floor liners and understand the risks, see how one of the customers did it using pliers.
These are black Kagu floor liners purchased by one of Tesla Model 3 owners.
These are black Kagu floor liners installed by one of Tesla Model 3 owners. These floor liners match the carbon fiber wrap on the dash.
The pictures were taken by one of Tesla Model 3 owners.
Pictures were taken by one of the customers, who bought Kagu floor liners for his Tesla 3.
These pictures of Kagu floor liners in the Tesla Model 3 were taken by the owner.


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Customer Reviews

by Bill Knight on Kagu Floor Liners

I bought a set for my 2016 hellcat and they where the best mats i have ever had.

by Joe Hines on Kagu Floor Liners

I just purchased a set of liners for my 2017 Honda Civic. The part number I ordered was L1HD07401509. Love them!

by Ankur Saraogi on Kagu Floor Liners

I recently bought the 3D MAXpider Kage Front Row (only the front row) floor mats for Tesla Model 3. Great quality and perfect fit!

by James Simpson on Kagu Floor Liners

I bought a full set of Tan 3D Max Pider Kagel liners for my 2018 4RUNNER.
1st, 2nd & 3rd roe.
Great product, much better, than Huskies I considered as an alternative.

by Quinn on Kagu Floor Liners

These mats are awesome. They did come apart a little bit, ironically on the reinforced part under the pedals. Despite this, I still plan on buying a set for my new car.

by Holly on Kagu Floor Liners

Thank you for making such great mats.

by Brandon on Kagu Floor Liners

I recently bought my wife a new Lexus RX350. I absolutely love your floor mats. I was able to purchase the front Kagu floor liners for the front from Autoanything.

by Charles Tran on Kagu Floor Liners

I bought your mats for the 2014 Honda Insight. Glad that I bought yours, not Husky. They look better and are less expensive.

by Philip McCluskey on Kagu Floor Liners

I bought your mats for the new Model S and they fit great!

Not much has changed from the previous year.

I purchased mats from Costco for my 2018 CX9 .

They fit great but are somewhat difficult to clean.

by Tom woods on Kagu Floor Liners

Love the mats but hard to remove.

by Brian on Kagu Floor Liners

I purchased the #D Maxpider Complete Set Custom Fit All-Weather Floor Mat set from Amazon.

It has been about 5 months since they were installed.

I love the way they fit and will order another set for my Volkswagen Jetta.

by Blake on Kagu Floor Liners

I love the look and quslity of your mats. I have owned the weather tech in the past, but my large dogs nails constantly click.

by Saanj on Kagu Floor Liners

we bought 10 mat sets around 9-10 months ago for our car club.  The mats fit great and look like new! Great product!

by C. Lodge on Kagu Floor Liners

I own a (2019 Ram 1500 Classic Quad Cab) and I think the looks of this is amazing inside rather then the stock floor mats.

by Kelley on Kagu Floor Liners

I recently purchased your product through amazon for 3d maxpider mats for my 2017 cadillac ats.  The mats fit the car great

I am personally a user of your Kagu mat line and since I like the quality of the brand.

by Michael on Kagu Floor Liners

Hi , I purchased the 3D floor mats for my model 3 from Costco a few months ago, think they fit really well. 

I purchased the 3D Maxpider due to it being non-rubber and better in appearance along with great reviews.

I have the Maxpider universal fit mats,and like them very much. The light material worked well this winter. Just sprayed the salt , dirt off. They don't cover like your Kagu. 

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Floor Liners by Make & Model

3D Liners are available for the most popular cars, trucks and SUVs that are used by the Americans. These mats are a popular and cost-effective alternative to Weathertech, and unlike Husky liners do not contain any components that fall under the Prop 65. 3D MAXpider mats fit right and protect floor area from dirt, dust, slush, particles, etc. You can check the floor mats for your vehicle to determine, whether that is the look you are into.